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Shalee & Ryan’s Jacobsburg Park Engagement Session

October 20, 2020

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I am finally getting around to posting Shalee and Ryan’s Engagement session from Jacobsburg Park! Wow, and in the same season that I shot it it-it’s a record guys and I’m not mad about it!   These two met online (as most people do these days amiright?) and well, lets just say the rest is […]

Friday Fix Series-Week 1

October 2, 2020

Hey all! As you can see in the title, I am starting a new blog series called Friday Fix, you can expect a quick little blog post of 5 random things that goes live on Friday (shocker)! These little posts will include life updates, favorite things, life hacks, and other random things I may decide […]

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Second Mountain Sunflowers Orwigsburg PA

September 10, 2020

I promise to one day not post about the magic of golden hour with golden sunflower however, today is not that day!  Can we talk about this gorgeous field for a minute, let me introduce you to Second Mountain Sunflowers.  I stumbled upon this magical place by a facebook friend posting a picture and tagging […]

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Easton Sunflowers and Cake

September 8, 2020

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Wow friends, it has been awhile since I posted a blog post. TBH I think I say that every time I write a post but this time-its justified. There’s something about the slowness of September that just motivates me to do the things I’ve been putting off. Anyone else? A few weeks ago I had […]

Haines Mill Photoshoot

May 17, 2020

Well, I have been absolutely dying to take pictures of things other than myself (self-portraits) and my plants. Y’all it’s been a hot minute since I was able to take pictures of actual people so when I say it made my heart happy, that’s an understatement! I’m sure if you’ve been around for awhile you’ve […]

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7 Tips to Shop Small for Your Wedding

April 29, 2020

I don’t know about you but my social media feeds have been chock-full of people talking about “shop small”.  I’m here first, to break down what that means. I’ll discuss tips on how you can incorporate that into your wedding to help those small businesses out! Links will be provided to some of my favorite […]

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Karrie and Trevor’s Intimate Kutztown Wedding

April 16, 2020

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So as most of you have heard, there is a world wide pandemic going on. And if you haven’t heard that congratulations and welcome to 2020! As many of you know during this pandemic many are out of work and the financial impact of all of this is astounding.  One of the major impacts at […]

Hope and Gabe’s Los Angeles Wedding

February 29, 2020

  Wow, where to begin… I have been pondering which way I would take this blog post for the past week and I am still at a loss so I will just speak/write what comes to mind.   Hope and Gabe   I met you both the day you both met. And what a whirlwind […]

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5 Tips to Stop Wedding Planning Stress

February 3, 2020

Okay. We’ve all experienced that awful ugly feeling of stress, right? It is absolutely not fun and I do not recommend if you’re one of thooseeee people who has never ever experienced it. Your wedding is not meant to be stressful. Not at all. That was not the intention, yet here we are stressed. Below […]

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BEST of 2019

January 26, 2020

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So since January is almost over I figured it was about time for a best of 2019 blog post! 2019 was a big year for me personally and were filled with much growth within my photography business as well! With so much goodness in 2019 I’m even more pumped for 2020 and ALL  the goodness […]