1). I am obsessed with coffee.
2). I love Jesus and strive to make Him known through my business. 
3). I have been having fun learning how to perfect sourdough recently and it is so fun.
4). I am always down for a hike-especially sunrise (wink wink).
5). I married my first & only boyfriend.
6). I have a pup named Yeti.
7). In May of 2022, we bought a van that we are converting to travel in and do elopements & weddings on the road starting spring 2023! 
8). Vincent (husband) and I met in Jackson Hole and later got married in the place we met in 2019.
9). I have by BSN in nursing but photography is my passion.
10). I am a self-proclaimed plant mom who is trying my hardest to keep them alive.

I am an introvert who sometimes wishes she was an extrovert, I drink coffee like it's my full-time job, and I'm a sucker for a good love story.  

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Take me back to home

Growing up I remember seeing my parents' wedding picture hung above their bed. I saw that picture every. single. day. For them it was a reminder of their promise, for me it was a promise of their love. The love they had on their wedding day that only grew deeper and stronger as the years passed on. A moment in time. The start of a new chapter.

My goal is to create memories you hang on your walls that all who may enter your home can see and feel the love you have for each other. The pictures of your wedding day are to serve a reminder of that unique love, the reason for those vows. So that you have tangible evidence of your love to remind yourself of your promise.

My Why